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Do you ever wonder how you can make your inventory management more efficient without relying on manual, time-consuming processes? Do you want to keep track of your assets while saving time and costs?

More efficient, transparent, and faster – ASSET1 transforms your inventory management. Designed for the rental system, it combines calendar, planning, and warehouse management into a seamless solution. Reduce complexity and increase efficiency.

Discover the ASSET1 revolution explained in 80 seconds.


Complex logistics processes with RFID support

For Red Bull we developed a tailor-made planing tool and mobile asset management system for event logistics.

Fully automatic hail detection thanks to mobile sensors

Hailios is the world’s first wireless and compact hail detection and analysis system. We delivered an intuitive system that registers and displays hailstorms.

Forex trading with artificial intelligence

Performance optimization of simulations for autonomous, systematic and AI-supported market-neutral trading strategies.

Systems that mesh

Digitization of easy-to-use and logically structured systems for the hotel industry, gastronomy and trade and development of a hybrid bonier app.

Solutions for security systems

Conception, development and support of the cloud system for the control and visualization of alarm/fire alarm systems.

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