The requirements, based on lean management

  • paperless processes
  • Transparency in rental management for the entire team
  • short workflows
  • Optimization of overlaps


Our solution
Red Bull ReMa manages all events and goods movements in a web portal, project managers create packing lists for events.
The warehouse crew uses the ReMa app to pick packing lists, manage returns and damage reports.
RFID scanners and gates support the crew in all processes and make daily work much easier.


Complex logistics processes with RFID support

Web application for the back office
All events and their goods movements are managed in the web portal. The entire stock of items is clearly displayed and makes it easier to plan upcoming and current events. In this way, the employees in the back office always know where which parts are and what will be needed in the near future.


Mobile app for project managers and warehouse staff
With the iPad app, the warehouse crew always has an overview of upcoming orders. Using packing lists and return deliveries, every employee knows when which assets have to be picked and loaded, or which are just coming back. If an item is damaged, the employee can also create a damage report and then send it for repair.

Efficient warehouse logistics with RFID
With the help of the latest radio wave technology, or RFID for short, picking and storage is carried out using RFID scanners and gates. This puts an end to time-consuming manual counting, which also makes inventory considerably easier.
From the web portal or the app, new labels can be printed and encoded at any time via the item serial number management, which are then attached to the item. From this point on, items can be located directly via the RFID labels in the warehouse or at events and called up in the app.
For the RFID solution, we work closely with 7iD Technologies GmbH, based in Graz. Many years of experience in the field of RFID technology is a guarantee for successful project implementation.

Crew wear store
External partner companies and setup crews can order clothing for the team around the clock via the Red Bull Crew Wear Shop. The shop is directly connected to the back office system and automatically generates the orders which are then processed by the warehouse.


Our solution has achieved the requested goals 100%: the team can fully concentrate on the event and logistics work and is supported by the software and the associated technical devices as expected.
Red Bull ReMa is finding ever broader areas of application, which means that we can continue to develop the project and expand it with new, tailor-made features.


Technology Stack

AdobeXD Prototypen
C# Services and REST Cloud Backend
Microsoft Azure

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