Our task
As coordinator for a global team, we developed an intuitive and future-proof system that combines the registered hailstorms in a central cloud with live weather data and displays them in real time on a world map and various reports.

The mobile app communicates directly with the hail sensors and makes commissioning and maintenance much easier. Partner companies can be connected via a cloud API and data can be processed further.


Fully automatic hail detection thanks to mobile sensors

We accompanied the company with our cloud expertise from the very beginning and developed

  • the Hailios cloud backend on Microsoft Azure,
  • the web portal Scoop and
  • the mobile app for sensor analysis and installation.


The functionality: portal, app, API
Hailio’s hail sensors around the world deliver measurement data to a central cloud system and link them to current weather data from the sensor region. Corresponding reports and satellite images are generated from this. The administration and visualization takes place via the web portal Scoop, which we developed. The mobile app communicates directly with the sensors, which greatly simplifies commissioning and maintenance.

The cloud API provided enables partner companies to connect for further data processing and provides data and reports from the sensor production sites.

Technology Stack

Microsoft Azure

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