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The RoboSig dream team has developed autonomous, systematic and AI-powered market-neutral trading strategies combined with automated risk management to deliver the most consistent risk-adjusted returns ever.


Our original task was to optimize the simulation processes and over the years has been extended to the development of the core components and the leadership and coordination of the development team and the planning of new projects and interfaces together with our partners in the USA (from New York to Silicon Valley).

In the meantime, a large part of the agendas have been handed over to the established team in Chicago.


Performance optimization of simulations

Millions of price data should be analyzed, processed and simulated within a few hours in different scenarios. Detailed data analysis and the application of various performance and storage optimization strategies led to above-average results after a short time.

Forex Trading and Team Leader

For several years, we worked together with the RoboSig team on the further development of the automated trading software and the conception of new components and strategies. After a short time, the coordination and leadership of the development team was also handed over to us.

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