The problem


You manage your events and your event equipment, mobile assets or stock items in outdated or complicated software or with Excel lists. You don’t have a clear event calendar and find it difficult to understand which assets are currently in use where, when they will come back, are available and can be rescheduled?

One tool for all events and mobile assets

Order in digital event planning: ASSET¹ ensures overview and transparency in your entire event logistics workflow. All events and mobile assets always in view!

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create events

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create and manage damage reports

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clear and divisible event calendar

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Internal orders (e.g. Crew Wear Shop)

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Live availability of mobile assets

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efficient warehouse logistics with RFID technology

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create packing lists for events

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manage returns

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Deliveries split into warehouse/event-to-event

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Live geo-visualization of event logistics

ASSET¹ Event Logistics Software
avoids paperwork, saves time and ensures transparency

Planning takes place in the back office or on the go. Project/marketing and event managers use ASSET¹ as a web portal to create events, check and plan the available assets and create packing lists. With the iOS app, the warehouse crew has an overview of all orders and picking and reports damaged assets immediately. RFID technology brings warehouse logistics to a new level – inventories become child’s play.

Event calendar

This is where you create events, link their packing lists and plan the various event phases.

The event calendar can be shared with external people. No more PDFs, but always access to the current calendar.

Simplified event planning and logistics

The event managers create events in the ASSET¹ portal, assign the required assets to the event and create a packing list. Data from past events can be transferred and saves time.

The warehouse crew picks the packing lists and posts returns. In the event of a damaged asset, a damage report is created directly via the app.

ASSET¹ avoids collisions in asset planning by splitting packing lists. Desired assets go directly to the next event and can thus be used even more effectively. These divisions can be represented visually on a map.

Warehouse logistics with RFID

Time is money. With RFID (radio wave technology) in warehouse logistics, picking and storage is carried out via RFID scanners and gates.

No complicated counting
Inventory becomes child’s play

Distance scanning
(labels do not have to be visible)

Print and encode new labels in the shortest possible time (non-printable labels can also be encoded)

Easy to understand and time efficient

Internal online shop

Through your internal online shop, event teams, HR departments, or external partner companies can handle orders for items such as crew wear, employee gifts or equipment. An enormous simplification of complex processes.

Orders can be placed around the clock via a separate shop website, even when on the go. The shop is connected directly to the back office system, the ASSET1 portal. Orders are received by the warehouse crew as a packing list and are processed via the app.

ASSET¹ modules

The ASSET¹ features can be used individually or in combination. You have the choice.

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Good reasons

why ASSET¹ Mobile Asset Management is perfect for you

Good reasons

why ASSET¹ Mobile Asset Management is perfect for you

Improved collision handling through visualization
More events with the same asset stock
Simplified asset localization
Efficient work and transparency for event and warehouse crew

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