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Legal Information:
Object of the company: software development
Commercial register number: FN 488237x
VAT number: ATU73116068
Commercial register court: Mattighofen
Company headquarters: 5230 Mattighofen
Supervisory authority: district authority Braunau
Professional law: trade regulations:
Member of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Information & Consulting division
Job Title: Software Development

Information on online dispute resolution:
Consumers have the option of submitting complaints to the EU’s online dispute resolution platform: You can also send any complaints to the email address given above.

for operator services in information technology

1. General
1.1 The contractor (AN) provides for
the client (AG) services in information technology
and the operation of hardware and software components in compliance with the
attached service level forming an integral part
Agreements (SLAs).
1.2 These General Conditions (GC)
apply to all current and future services provided by the
AN provides to the AG, even if in individual cases
conclusion of the contract, no express reference is made to the AB.
The general terms and conditions of the customer only apply if they are accepted in writing by the contractor
were recognized.

2. Scope of Services
2.1 The exact scope of the
Services of the AN is defined in the respective SLA with the AG.
Unless otherwise agreed, the Contractor shall provide the
Services during the contractor’s normal business hours according to the SLA.
The Contractor will be provided in accordance with the respective SLA for the provision and
ensure the availability of the services.
2.2 Basis for the
Provision of services by AN used facilities and technology
is the qualitative and quantitative performance requirement of the AG, as he on
based on the information provided by AG
was determined. Do new requirements of the AG mean a change in the
Services or the technology used is required
submit a corresponding offer to the contractor at the request of the client.
2.3 The Contractor is entitled to
Provision of the services used facilities free of charge
Discretion to change if not affecting services
expect is.
2.4 Services by the AN, those by the AG
beyond the agreed scope of services
are taken by the AG according to actual personnel and
Material expenses are remunerated at the rates applicable at the time of the Contractor. These include
in particular, services outside the normal business hours of the contractor,
Analyzing and eliminating faults and errors caused by
improper handling or operation by the customer or others
circumstances for which the Contractor is responsible have arisen. Likewise are
Training services are generally not included in the services
included and require a separate agreement.
2.5 If the AN at the request of the AG
Services mediated by third parties, these contracts come exclusively
between the customer and the third party according to the respective terms and conditions
of the third party. The Contractor is only responsible for the work he has done himself
services responsible.

3. Cooperation and provision obligations of the AG
3.1 The AG undertakes to
support actions necessary for the provision of the services
are required by the contractor. The AG further undertakes to
take any action necessary to fulfill the contract
and which are not included in the Contractor’s scope of services.
3.2 If the Services are on site
are provided to the AG, the AG shall provide the
Services required by the contractor network components,
Connections, supply current including peak voltage compensation,
Emergency power supplies, storage spaces for plants, workplaces as well
Infrastructure of the required scope and quality (e.g.
air conditioning) available free of charge. In any case, the AG is for
compliance with the requirements required by the respective manufacturer
responsible for the operation of the hardware. Likewise, the AG for the
Room and building security, including protection against water,
fire and access by unauthorized persons. The AG is for special
Safety precautions (e.g. security cells) in his
responsible for the premises. The AG is not entitled to
to issue and will issue instructions to employees of the Contractor – no matter what kind
all requests regarding the provision of services exclusively to the
Contact designated contact person.
3.3 The client provides the agreed
Dates and at his own expense all of the AN to carry out the
information, data and documents required for the order in the
required form and supports the Contractor on request
Problem analysis and troubleshooting

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