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Maintenance Chaos? Digitization to the Rescue!


Is the management of maintenance orders for industrial plants characterized by paper-intensive processes and cumbersome ERP systems on a daily basis? The high administrative effort and loss of time often lead to potential errors and impair efficiency. However, a digital solution, such as specialized maintenance software, can simplify this process and reduce error-proneness.

An efficient tool for the maintenance of machine parks

Order in your maintenance orders: With ASSET¹ Industrial Asset Management you have an overview of the status of your systems, resource-saving maintenance management, repairs and solutions are just a click away.


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Calendar and shift planning

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Connection to ERP systems

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Digital maintenance orders and task checklists

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Internal online shop (spare parts, employee clothing)

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History of error messages and efficient solution suggestions

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Create repair orders

ASSET¹ maintenance software for industrial plants
avoids paperwork, saves time and ensures transparency

In the ASSET¹ backend, you can plan maintenance dates and intervals and assign your employees to shifts in just a few clicks. During the maintenance process on the system, the activities to be carried out and completed are recorded in the ASSET¹ app and maintenance work, faults, error messages and their rectification are documented. Necessary spare parts are ordered in the shortest possible way in the maintenance order.

Efficient maintenance planning

The calendar view provides an overview of all maintenance jobs. The orders can come from your ERP via an interface, be generated automatically at intervals or created manually.

Shift cycles and availability of your maintenance staff are managed here. In the divisible calendar, each team member always has their duties and orders in view.

Paperless maintenance and repair orders

The ASSET¹ app makes it easy to carry out maintenance and at the same time ensures full transparency:

Every work step is processed according to the checklist.

Damage reports is created immediately if an error occurs.

AI supported Error analysis

ASSET¹ recognizes recurring errors in repair orders and provides support in the reference work from similar errors in the past for quick rectification.

No tedious search process in manuals – the system can be put back into operation quickly.

Internal online shop / spare parts

Spare parts can be ordered directly in the repair order via the internal online shop.
The internal shop can also be used for work clothing, for example, and can also be accessed externally if desired.

Orders can be placed around the clock via a separate shop website, even when on the go. The shop is directly connected to the back office system, the ASSET¹ portal. Orders are received by the warehouse crew after a release as a packing list and are processed via the app.

RFID for spare parts

Order and structure in your spare parts warehouse with RFID (radio wave technology):

Spare parts, tools and items for maintenance are recorded in ASSET¹, labeled and stored in a storage location

In the course of a repair order, a spare part is required:
The spare part is searched for in the warehouse with the RFID scanner (scanning at a distance – the label does not have to be visible)

The spare part is assigned to the repair order and booked out in the warehouse

Warehouse inventory made easy – RFID replaces manual counting

ASSET¹ Industry features

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Good Reasons

why ASSET¹ Industrial Asset Management is perfect for you

Good Reasons

why ASSET¹ Industrial Asset Management is perfect for you

Efficient work and transparency in your maintenance management
Digitized maintenance processes are replacing paperwork
Rapid rectification through error analysis
Transparency in the spare parts warehouse

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