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Asset management in facility management depends on the size of the company and specific requirements. Facility managers often rely on Excel, complex ERP systems or outdated individual solutions to collect data and support maintenance and resource management. Digitization paves the way for increased efficiency, cost savings, more transparency and minimized liability risks in facility management.

100% transparency in your facility assets

Order in your facility management: ASSET¹ brings clarity and transparency to your physical assets such as furnishings, technical systems and IT infrastructure. All resource data in one easy-to-use software:

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Asset Location

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Connection to third-party software

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Asset Condition

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Purchasing/delivery conditions

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Damage reports and repair orders

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Analyzes & Reports

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Maintenance/Guarantee reminders

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Inventory monitoring

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RFID Tracking

ASSET¹ innovative facility management
avoids paperwork, saves time and ensures transparency

In ASSET¹ you have a comprehensive overview of all physical assets in your company, location or department with our user-friendly software. You can easily view all relevant data such as purchasing and delivery conditions, dimensions, purchase price, maintenance dates, operating instructions, photos and plans. Thanks to RFID technology, you also save valuable time when searching for assets and inventories become an effortless pleasure because time-consuming manual counting is a thing of the past.

Intuitive dashboard

with visual evaluations of your locations/branch offices/departments/warehouses, asset distribution and asset status at a glance.

You choose a location and receive the reports for your desired location, department or warehouse in no time at all and get to your inventory list in no time at all.

Locate and inventory assets quickly and easily

A new asset is added to the ASSET¹ portal or app and assigned to a location.

The asset search (e.g. for maintenance, relocation or inventory) is made much easier – with the help of ASSET¹ you can find the desired item immediately.

Inventories take time and are often a game of patience. With ASSET¹ select a location eg. Room and go to the inventory list. The RFID scanner does the rest for you: Assets that are either too many or too few are displayed to you immediately.

The movements of an asset can be traced in the history of the item.

Paperless damage reports and repair orders

In the event of a damaged asset, a damage report with a description and photos is created directly via the app.

The asset is booked out for the time it is in repair and is not available.

Facility management with RFID

Time is money. With RFID (radio wave technology), asset location assignment is done via RFID scanners and gates, bringing efficient benefits:

No complicated counting
Inventory becomes child’s play

Distance scanning (labels do not have to be visible) so assets can be found quickly.

Print and encode new labels in the shortest possible time (unprintable labels can also be encoded).

Easy to understand and time efficient

Internal online shop

Facility managers, teams or departments can use their internal online shop to place internal orders, e.g. Handle office equipment or IT equipment. An enormous simplification of complex processes.

Orders can be placed around the clock via a separate shop website, even when on the go. The shop is directly connected to the back office system, the ASSET¹ portal. Orders are received by the facility crew as a packing list and are processed via the app.

ASSET¹ facility modules

The ASSET¹ features can be used individually or in combination. You have the choice.

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Good reasons

why ASSET¹ Facility Asset Management is perfect for you

Good reasons

why ASSET¹ Facility Asset Management is perfect for you

Efficient work and transparency for your facility team
Overview of all physical assets in one user-friendly software
Inventories, damage reports and repairs are child's play
100% asset tracking with RFID technology

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